The Rydberg Law Firm has a solid reputation among bankruptcy lawyers and judges, especially in Tampa. In one sense, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy law form a relative narrow and concentrated field of law, with a proportionately small regular group of legal practitioners. On the other hand, debtors and creditors confront the whole realm of legal issues that any person or business may encounter. Accordingly, lawyers who regularly practice “creditors’ rights and bankruptcy law” must be well acquainted with the Bankruptcy Code and Rules, but they also must be skilled in handling a great variety of commercial and real estate problems.

After each of them graduated #1 in their respective classes at Stetson Law School, Tom and Marsha Rydberg moved to Tampa, eventually founding The Rydberg Law Firm in 2000. Each of them has practiced law in Tampa Bay for more than 35 years in commercial and real estate law, as well as creditors’ rights and bankruptcy law. One or both of them is authorized to practice before every Bankruptcy Court in the State of Florida, and they have done so as needed by clients of the firm.

Marsha Rydberg has been a member of the Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar for many years and she serves on the Executive Council and Bankruptcy/UCC Committee of the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar. She has lectured and taught in the areas of creditors’ rights and banking both in continuing legal education seminars and as an adjunct professor at Stetson Law School.

The Rydberg Law Firm regularly teams with other firms in the area to represent affiliated entities or insiders of corporate debtors. This sort of teamwork has been very beneficial because it allows a debtor’s attorney to add experienced lawyers to the team and thereby to counter what often becomes the onslaught of “big firm” creditor attorneys. The Rydberg Law Firm is able to bring the benefits of long-time substantial experience and skill, plus the nimbleness and cost-effectiveness of a small firm. Clients and co-counsel know the Rydberg Law Firm will handle their work with the skill and legal acumen to make a positive difference in the case.

Although the Rydberg Law Firm generally focuses on commercial bankruptcy cases, it also provides counsel to individuals whose business and real estate concerns have caused them to consider their economic options. Sometimes, this involves bankruptcy; often, it does not. The Rydberg Law Firm does not believe bankruptcy solves every financial problem; rather, it is one tool to be considered among others in the economic arsenal.

The Rydberg Law Firm also is asked frequently by creditors to assist them in navigating through the Court after one of their debtors has filed a Bankruptcy Petition. The firm regularly handles every bankruptcy concern in which a creditor may become involved. Firm members attending Meetings of Creditors and file Proofs of Claim; they also deal with landlord/tenant and cash collateral issues, preference and fraudulent transfer complaints, objections to claims and to exemptions, to name a few. These and many other issues may arise in a bankruptcy case and, the Rydberg Law Firm has the experience necessary to confront any of them knowledgably, confidently, and efficiently.