Marsha Rydberg is a State and Federal Court certified mediator, who has had more than 35 years’ legal experience litigating creditors’ rights, commercial and real estate disputes, including zoning and land use and governmental issues. That experience includes representation of both lenders and borrowers, governments, citizens and home owners’ associations; therefore, Marsha brings a well-balanced approach to these disputes.

As an adjunct professor, Marsha has taught both real estate finance and banking law at Stetson Law School. She also taught Federal Reserve Bank examiners for many years. Moreover, Marsha was appointed by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to be a director of the Jacksonville Branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Board, which she did for six years, two of which she served as chairman. Accordingly, Marsha has unique background and experience in disputes involving banks and banking.

Marsha’s substantial real estate and commercial background include her long time membership on the Executive Councils of the Business Law and Real Property Probate and Trust Law Sections of The Florida Bar, as well as substantial experience teaching continuing legal education seminars on creditors’ rights, title insurance and other real estate and commercial law topics both in Florida and on a national basis.

Commercial and real estate disputes, including those that arise in the context of bankruptcy or in the governmental arena, often involve thorny legal and factual issues and may entail multiple parties. Under these circumstances, mediation may offer litigants the opportunity to craft their own unique dispute solutions. Marsha’s strong belief is that good lawyers know the strengths and weakness of their cases; however, a good mediator should assist parties and their counsel to go beyond a win/lose perspective and formulate creative means to achieve their conflicting litigation objectives to an acceptable degree. If mediation simply entailed an exercise in dividing the disputed amount, litigants could solve their own problems. Marsha attempts to assist parties to view their issues and objectives from a different perspective and thereby to find an innovative solution to their dispute.