Real Estate Litigation

For more than 35 years, a large percentage of the legal work performed by Rydberg Law Firm attorneys has involved real estate litigation. Much of that work has been on behalf of title insurance companies or for persons who were insured by a title company. Indeed, RLF members have been retained by substantially every major title insurance company that does business in Florida.

In addition to defending titles, RLF lawyers have represented property owners in law suits involving home owners associations, governmental institutions and agencies, and third parties who have challenge RLF clients’ rights in real estate. Indeed, at some time during the past 35 years, RLF attorneys have confronted almost every legal problem a land owner might face. Those decades of real world experience give RLF a decided edge in real estate cases.

The RLF has broad experience in every facet of real estate law. For many years, Marsha Rydberg has been a member of the Executive Council of The Florida Bar’s Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section. She also is a regular lecturer on real estate matters for various Bar groups, as well as for the Florida and American Land Title Associations. Marsha Rydberg also has taught “real estate finance” and “banking” at Stetson College of Law.

Both Tom and Marsha Rydberg have been authorized signatories for issuance of title insurance policies for several underwriters, and currently, Tom Rydberg is authorized to issue title insurance for Lawyers Title.

In short, our firm is well-equipped to be the sole legal team a client may need to handle all their real estate legal needs.